Cumming Soon

Official website of The Gaymer Bear, Meastoso.

Please look forward to it.

About Meastoso

Meastoso is an incredibly handsome and talented Gaymer Bear who enjoys playing video games and streaming on When he's not playing video games or being handsome, Meastoso enjoys developing software, video editing, foodie activities, and drinking alcohol.


This incredible website will feature social media feeds, insider access to Meastoso's content as well as personal life, and up-to-date information about the Bear Backer community.

Social Media

All-in-one source for Instagram pics, tweets, twitch clips, growlr pic updates AND MORE!

Upcoming Events

Always stay up-to-date with all the events we have planned across all platforms and teams!

Exclusive Content

Extra content you can't find on insta, twitter, twitch or anywhere else! Blogs, cocktail recipes, favorite clips/videos and more!